Duronic 10m CAT6a FTP Professional Gold Headed Shielded Network Cable – Black

  • The Duronic Ethernet cables are you one stop
    solution to your networking requirements. If it’s in the home, office,
    school or data centers, you can trust Duronic cables to perform at an
    optimum level all the time.
  • Our Cat6a and Cat7 spec. cable are compliant
    to standards 10GBaseT, which will be providing you amazing data
    transfer speed with the durability you would expect from a Duronic
    cable. They are available in different sizes and colours black and
  • The Duronic cables are made with 100 percent
    copper. No compromise has been made when manufacturing our cables. We
    want our cables to perform the best so we have made sure they are built
    with the best materials.
  • Duronic cables are FTP (Foiled Twisted Pair)
    and these have a higher specification then UTP (Unshielded twisted
    pair). Comparison cannot be made between the two. Our cables will
    outperform same spec. UTP cable in terms of speed, interference and
  • All Duronic cables are shielded, perfect for
    use in high noise environments where shielding will provide additional
    support. Available in 0.5M 1M 1.5M 2M 3M 5M 10M 15M 20M 25M 30M 50M 100M
    and 200M

The Duronic CAT6a cable specification has been engineered in the UK to meet the fast demanding requirements of consumers, achieving a speed of 500MHz. Internally, the cable has been assembled specially to minimize interference between each of the strands inside the cable. These strands have been twisted, shielded, separated and then shielded again to make this cable far superior than any other UTP cable on the market. In terms of quality of transfer, speed of transfer and durability, the Duronic cable will not fail to deliver.

CAT6a cables are also known as:

Ethernet cable

Patch cable

Most of our customers are office clients and home users who use this cable to wire offices, connect to routers and switches. A wired connection is always stronger than a wireless connection as it provides a strong constant signal through the cable.

Although cables provide this strong connection, all cables will differ in speed and durability. This is where the Duronic CAT6a cable will excel by providing users with high speed transfer, high quality data transfer within a solidly made cable.

All Duronic cables are shielded, perfect for use in high-noise environments where shielding helps.

Available in different colours and sizes.

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