MyArmor RJ45 8P8C Ethernet Network LAN Cat5e Cat6 Cable Joiner Adapter Coupler Extender Connectors Straight Module Adapters (20 pcs)

  • Acts as a coupler to join two RJ45 network cables together; Extend your network cable or join two male network leads together
  • Type: Modular Inline Coupler; Connector 1: RJ45 Female, Connector 2: RJ45 Female
  • The coupler features a RJ-45 female to RJ-45 female connection. Use this modular inline coupler to join category 5e Ethernet connections. Simply connect two Category 5 Ethernet cables together
  • Quick and economical, 8P8C, Female to Female Straight Adapters
  • Straight through configuration. Works with Crossover and Straight Network Cables.

RJ45 Ethernet Network LAN Cat5e Cat6e Cable Extender Joiner Adapter Coupler Lot
This is a RJ45 LAN Ethernet Network Cable Female Joiner Coupler, extend your network cable or join two male network leads together
Joining two crossover cables together will form a straight cable connection
This female coupler adapter works by joining two network cables together to form an extension or change of gender
Joining two straight cables together will form a longer straight cable.
Joining one straight cable and one crossover cable together will form a crossover connection.

Weight: 120g
Quality: 20 PCS
Material: Plastic and Metal
Color: Ivory

Package Content:
20 x RJ45 CAT5e Ethernet Couplers Connectors

Lowest Price: £6.99
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