TimeMachines, NTP Network Time Server with GPS, TM1000A, A GPS Antenna maintains current time broadcast by U.S. Satellites

  • GPS based NTP Server
  • Stratum 1 time source
  • Extremely accurate time source for networks
  • Includes GPS Patch Antenna wtih 5m cable, and Universal Power Supply
  • Network Time Server

The Time Machines GPS Network Time Server is a simple to use GPS based time server that will supply accurate time for all computers and time keeping devices on the network. By placing a time server on the local network, (S)NTP time packets are provided without requiring systems to go to the Internet to get a Stratum 1 time synchronization. The system uses an active GPS antenna to maintain the current time as broadcast by United States GPS satellites. With this device installed on your local network, there is no longer the worry that if the Internet connection goes down, time synchronization is lost across the network. The unit is small and can be placed anywhere within the network layout. The built in high sensitivity GPS receiver is able to lock multiple satellites from within many buildings or from a window location, removing the requirement that outdoor antenna be installed. Setup and use of this time server is straightforward. Simply connect both the included power supply and the GPS antenna to the base unit and then connect the base unit to the local network. Go to a computer on the network and browse to the device at its default address to enter the software setup within the control box. Set parameters to match your network and the system will start to send out time packets to any device on the system that asks for an update from it. When paired with our digital Power Over Ethernet (PoE) clocks, synchronized time is assured no matter the state of your network, or the state of the internet time server the clocks are pointed to. Accuracy is also improved because the network delay of the internet is highly variable, while the local LAN connection is likely sub-millisecond delay. TimeMachine GPS based time servers are suited to any application where coordination of events at multiple locations is required. Used by Education, industrial, military installations, public safety command rooms, government, broadcasting, and hospitals. See www.css-timemachines.com

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